Webmajestic's Free Webmaster Guide is for beginner webmasters and teaches how to create and design websites with a step by step website design tutorial Using the website design tutorials you create your own website, learn about domain names, web hosting, html editors, graphics editors, website templates, website promotion, ecommerce and more. Webmajestic also has a web design encyclopedia, webmaster articles, web design books, basic html tags, color code charts, and meta tag generators.

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web design tutorials

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Welcome to the Webmaster Wanna Be Guide!

web design lessons

Would you like to create your own website? Maybe you want to create an identity for your business on the Internet and don't know where to begin. Do you want to design websites for a living? Does your family live out of state and you want to keep in touch with them with a private family website? You could display pictures, report cards, and keep an online diary of events happening with your family.

If you have had any of these thoughts about creating your own website but lack website design skills and knowledge, Webmajestic can help you.

Do you think Website Design is too difficult to learn or that you need to go to school to learn how to do it? Keep browsing this website and you'll find out that's just not true.

With a time, patience and help from Webmajestic you can learn how to create your own website from scratch. Webmajestic's Guide was created to teach any one who has an interest in learning website design basic web site design skills.

The team here at Webmajestic aims to put useful information together about Web Site Design and Development at your finger tips. This information will be compiled together into a simple and easy to understand website design tutorial. Stick with us and you'll be designing your own website in no time!

Webmajestic's Website Design tutorial is broken down by Steps. Each Step will discuss a particular topic. For example, Step 1 will discuss everything you need to know about Domain Name Registration. Step 2 will discuss Web Hosting, and so on.

A summary of each Step is available. In addition to Web Hosting and Domain Name Information, the Steps will discuss Website Templates, HTML Editors, Graphics Editors, Programming with Scripts, Web Graphics, Sounds, Web Site Promotion, and Ecommerce. If you don't know what those Internet terms mean, that's OK. A Web Design Encyclopedia is available so that you can familiarize yourself with important Website Design and Internet terminology.

Once you get comfortable with Website Design, why not supplement your income by working from home as a Website Designer? All you need is a Website Design Business Kit to get started!

Webmajestic has also listed our top picks in Web Design and Development resources that include Web Design Books, Website Templates, Tutorials, and Webmaster Articles. Very soon a Webmaster Forum will be added to this website so that newbies can ask questions about Web Site Design and Development.

Now lets get started with our website design tutorial! Website Design Tutorial Lesson 1
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