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Step 6: Using Website Templates

At some point, you are going to want to design a more professional website. If so, Webmajestic recommends using Website Templates. A Website Template is a pre-made website design which can be easily customized to reflect your websites goals. Website Templates have different themes so Website Templates can be used for both Business and Personal websites. When you are just starting to learn website design Website Templates are very helpful because they allow you to create a very professional high quality website design with very little design experience. When you are just starting website design the most difficult part is starting your design. You stare at the blank canvas and have to dream up an idea for your website. Website Templates are pre-made so can look through all of the web template designs and pick the one that best matches your idea for your website. Once you have selected a Website Template to customize, simply make it your own by adding your unique websites name, photos and text. All of our Website Templates are compatible with Front Page, Dreamweaver and other web site design software.

For your convenience our web templates are broken out by skill level:

Free Web Templates | Beginners Web Templates | Advanced Web Templates

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